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If there's a brand we should know about that's not in the database, use this form to let us know. Please be as detailed as possible. With over 975 brands currently stored, it takes an army to ensure we've covered everything!

Heads up: There are two big reasons I may not include your submission:

  1. It's about a brand that appears to be from China, mass-producing products nearly identical to other brands. There's no point in tracking these as they come and go so often, and no third parties should be selling these goods, anyway, unless it's under their own brand.
  2. Submissions without evidence and or notes. It's hearsay if there's no proof the claim is valid, or it can't be assumed. I'm asking the community to trust this list. I can't do that if I'm adding information that no one can prove is true. A submission without evidence can be accepted if the brand sells on the Amazon marketplace on its own and appears to be in the Registry.

In case more information is needed. (required)
In case more information is needed. (required)
The primary brand name of the product(s) in question. (required)
If you're aware of any other names or parent companies, enter them here.
If none of these match your experience, choose "Other" and explain in the notes. (required)
Multiple file uploads are now accepted.

Accepted file types: PDF, JPG, PNG, HEIC

If you have documentation of what happened and you'd like to share it, upload it here. Feel free to remove any personal or sensitive infirmation. Uploading documentation is not required, but if nothing is included, we'll make note of that in the public report or may disregard the submission altogether.

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